Dr. Mandy Rispoli, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Professor, Special Education
Department of Educational Studies

Dr. Mandy Rispoli is a co-director at Purdue Autism Research Center (PARC), Professor of Special Education in the Department of Educational Studies and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst- Doctoral level. Operating from a behavior analytic framework, Dr. Rispoli’s research explores: (a) variables that may alter a child’s motivation to engage in challenging behavior and (b) innovations in professional development for teachers of young children with autism and challenging behavior. Dr. Rispoli has published over 100 peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters concerning behavioral interventions for children with autism and developmental disabilities.

Rose Mason, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Associate Professor
Department of Educational Studies

Rose Mason is a Doctoral level Board Certified Behavior Analyst whose research focuses on increasing access to effective interventions for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities by addressing both intervention development and implementation. Utilizing an implementation science framework, eco-behavior assessment methods are utilized to identify barriers to implementation of evidence-based practices through partnerships with schools or service organizations. Information obtained is then utilized to develop and evaluate training methods that address these barriers. For example, she recently utilized single-case methodology to evaluate the impact of a teacher-as-coach model to train paraprofessionals who work with students with autism and developmental disabilities to implement discrete trial training with fidelity. A second and complementary line of research evaluates ways to increase the efficiency of interventions for individuals with autism including more effective delivery mechanisms. This includes the development of a web-based instructional system for adolescents and adults with ASD, incorporating web-based learning, telecoaching, and a technology delivered self-management application aimed at enhancing social-communication, problem-solving, and organization skills to improve post-secondary trajectories.