ABIL Alumni

Graduate student alumni

Catharine Lory, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Postdoctoral Researcher, Educational Psychology
Baylor University – Waco, TX

Dr. Lory’s research focus is in designing and refining behavioral assessments and interventions to increase their usefulness and feasibility in natural settings. She is also interested in examining how biophysiological measures, such as heart rate variability, may supplement functional behavior assessments to identify more specific causes of challenging behavior in children with autism.

Emily Gregori, Ph.D., BCBA
Assistant Professor, Special Education
University of Illinois – Chicago

Dr. Gregori’s research focuses on positive behavioral outcomes for adolescents and adults with disabilities using evidence-based behavioral interventions for the treatment of challenging behavior. She particularly focuses on sustainability of behavioral interventions and feasible training methods for natural implementers.

Soyeon Kim, Ph.D.
Independent Researcher

Dr. Kim’s research focuses on identifying and developing effective reading interventions for students with developmental disabilities. She is particularly interested in improving access to standards-based curricula in academic content areas and incorporating technology into reading interventions for students with developmental disabilities. 

Jacob Tandy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Special Education
Marian University – Indianapolis

Dr. Tandy teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in special education and classroom management. His research interests include co-teaching, inclusive practices, instructional coaching, and special education administration.

Jenna Matijevic, M.S.Ed.
Instructional Assistant, Carmel Middle School

Jenna participated in ABIL as a research assistant throughout her graduate studies at Purdue. She is an aspiring behavior analyst with research interests in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), socio-communication interventions, and attentional strengths and weaknesses in ASD.

Previous Undergraduate Students

Jordyn Dewey – DeVito Scholar